We join hands with Families, Agencies, Businesses, and Civic Officials, amplifying access to resources and services for children ages 0-5 in Tampa Bay.

Meet Thrive by Five Tampa Bay

Early Childhood Education

An impact initiative of Community Foundation Tampa Bay, Thrive by Five Tampa Bay is a multi-faceted, community-oriented approach to creating an equitable, accessible, responsive, and accountable early childhood system.

As a cross-sector network, we are working together to achieve one goal: to ensure all children in Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties are ready for kindergarten.

We Have a Big Job to Do

Thrive by Five Tampa Bay seeks to transform early childhood in Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties through intense collaboration, realignment, and resourcefulness with all sectors of the community and residents invested in the success of our youngest neighbors.

We’re Committed to Healthy Development

Healthy development means allowing children to thrive in the first five years of life. That includes physical health and well-being; social competency; emotional maturity; language and cognitive development; communication and family support.

Our efforts will increase the percentage of children in our community “ready” for kindergarten. Thrive by Five works with diverse partners throughout the community to achieve a multi-faceted common vision, ensuring that children, families, schools, and the community are aligned in supporting the development of young children.

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